All About Pool Paints

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What kind of paint you choose depends entirely on what the surface is like. If your pool has already been painted before, but you are not aware of the kind of paint it has, you can wipe some solvent alcohol and xylene on a certain area. If the coating becomes soft when you use only alcohol, it could mean that the coating is a water-based one. If the coating becomes soft because of xylene, it could be a chlorinated rubber pool paint. If there is no softening under either xylene or alcohol, it is an epoxy one.

If your pool has been repainted several times in the past, it is best to scrape off the paint fully and start afresh. You should use sandblasting technique for cleaning the surface.

Types of pool paint

There are three kinds of pool paint: epoxy, chlorinated rubber base and acrylic. Epoxy is used for new construction, or pools that have earlier been painted with epoxy paint. The paint is durable and does not fade owing to exposure to ultraviolet light. Epoxy paint will also survive under the influence of pool cleaners or chemicals.

They could last anywhere between five and ten years. The rubber base paint is not as long-lasting as the epoxy variety, but is easy to use and is cost-effective. It lasts anywhere between three and five years. The acrylic variety can be applied on any kind of surface and is easy to use and clean when water is applied. The acrylic type lasts for about three years.

If you have a fiberglass pool, you should take these steps to paint your pool with epoxy paint:

  • You would need to scrub the whole pool with a solution to remove oils, dirt, peeling or flaky paint.
  • Rinse the pool well with water from the pool before you start sanding it.
  • Once you finish sanding the pool, wipe with a wet cloth and then apply two layers of epoxy paint to your fiberglass pool.

No matter which paint you use, it is important to ensure that the surface is clean. Also avoid painting your pool in blazing sunshine. The ideal temperature should be between 12-30 deg C. Also, you must wait for five days before you fill your pool so that the new paint can dry off completely. If there’s rain, you could wait for a day or so.

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