Pool and Spa Safety Measures

Keep Your Pool or Spa Safe

Are you afraid that a custom pool or spa in your house could lead to serious accidents? If so, there are some simple measures that you can take to ensure that you and your children are safe from the dangers involved while taking a swim or incorporating a custom pool in your house.

It is always better to remain safe rather than be sorry later, so following certain safety measures simply ensures that the risk of an unfortunate event is mitigated, for mistakes happen regardless of how careful you are. The area around pools may become slippery due to the water that spills out on to the surroundings. Here are some things that you can add to your custom pools or home spas so that you do not have to constantly worry about someone getting hurt.

Barriers around the surroundings of your pools or spas

Building a fence, preferably of some material like plastic, is a good way of making your pool foolproof. This is especially important if you have toddlers at home. Keeping a barrier of some kind makes sure that your infants cannot get into the water without you being present to watch over them.

Once you have installed such barriers, ensure that you get into the habit of locking the gate behind you once you get into or out of your pool. To make it even safer, try to get a fence that has an automated locking system so that you do not have to worry about remembering to lock the gate behind you. The advantage of keeping plastic fences is that your children will not be harmed with splinters from a wooden one. Even a mesh around the pool is a good idea.

This way, your visibility does not get diminished in any way, and your pool is still safe for children. Make sure the latch of the gate is on the side of the pool, and access to the latch is made difficult by putting it a few inches below the top of the gate so that your children cannot reach over the fence and unlock it. Also, ensure that the gaps in the fence are too small and your child will not be able to squeeze through. This is because children tend to get attracted to things that you would prefer them to stay away from.

Alarms for your pool

Include some alarms in your safety design. Make sure the alarms can be switched on and off easily so that the alarms go off only when you are away. This way, you will be alerted when your children are trying to get into the pool unsupervised. If you have pets at home, then these alarms will help you keep them from dirtying the pool area. Although it may come as an inconvenience, try to keep your alarm loud. It is always better to live with small sacrifices to avoid having to make big ones.

Safety covers as a foolproof mechanism

Try to get a safety cover for your pool or spa. A safety cover is a barrier that comes over the water surface of your pool so that it is completely covered. This way, your toddlers are denied unsupervised access into deep water completely. Get safety covers that come equipped with sensors. This will help you avoid situations where the cover is closing with someone still in the pool.

While this may not happen, someone might play such a prank without taking into account how unsafe it is and something could go wrong. The cover of the pool should be strong enough to hold at least two adults as well as a child. This ensures that the pool safety cover can sustain your weight while you get your child off the cover of the pool or spa. If you are unable to get a safety cover with a sensor then consider getting one which can be removed quickly and easily in the advent of some emergency situation.

Install cameras to avoid blunders

This may be quite an expensive security system, but it is worth the cost. Installing cameras around the pool makes sure that you have a constant view of the pool. While this is a great idea, it is unnatural to remain staring at a computer screen constantly to avoid a potential accident.

The installation of these cameras should be done complimentary to other safety measures that have been mentioned. When you put all these devices together, you may relax knowing that your pool or spa is safe by all standards. Now you may enjoy accident-free memories in your pool. Some of the mentioned safety measures can even be used to make sure that adults are safe. However, they may require other modifications like a skid-free floor around the pool.

Keep Your Pool or Spa Safe

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