Lend a Classic Old-Style Touch to Your Poolscape

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 7.07.27 PMUnleash your creativity and do up your poolside in keeping with a retro decor theme. What’s more, you may not need a huge budget as well, and some of the ideas are simple, DIY ones that you can implement over a weekend.

Things to do

  • One of the simplest ways to lend a vintage look to your poolscape is to put up a re-purposed wooden bench, with a crude finish and peeled off paint on the patio. An old stone bench could lend a vintage feel as well.
  •  Get hold of some wooden logs and create a small seating area around the logs in a corner near the pool. Stack logs and create small seats and a backrest. Throw in a couple of old cushions and you have a lounge. For that extra effect, place wicker baskets at strategic locations.
  •  Re-purposed wood can also be used for fencing around the pool. Alternatively, you could use metal latticework for the enclosure around the pool as well.
  •  Nothing like old lanterns to light up the patio and poolside. Source some lanterns from a yard sale or your forgotten attic and place them around the pool.
  •  Ever realized how old suitcases are the best way to bring a vintage element to your poolscape? Plus, they are easy to get hold of. Hang these suitcases on to a wall to hold knick knacks!
  •  Introduce a retro element in your poolscape design by placing an old cycle in the garden area and use the basket as a holder for flowers.
  •  How about a small wooden bridge to lend a nice old touch to your landscape? You could also use metal, and have intricate metal patterns as a grill on either side of the bridge?
  •  You could also make use of a faux retro radio or television set to lend character to your poolside.
  •  Allow grasses to grow wildly and place rocks and boulders as steps that lead up from the pool. This also brings some retro character to the poolside.

Victorian theme

One of the most widely followed pool landscape design styles when it comes to old-style themes is the Victorian style. Line up your pool with Victorian style tiles, and your pool takes on a very 18th-19th century character. Victorian decor is also about extravagance and ornate patterns.

You could make use of souvenirs, intricately-patterned tiles, accessories, stained glass, sculptures and fountains to create a Victorian theme. Victorian style is also symbolized by geometric shapes and designs, so if your pool is designed in geometric and symmetrical patterns, it creates a Victorian theme. Place some wrought-iron patio furniture in keeping with Victorian themes.

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