Poolscaping Mistakes to Avoid Around your Pool

Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 10.35.22 AMSo, you have been planning to create a nice landscaped paradise around your pool, but make sure you plan well and invest in funds for poolscaping so you don’t have to spend money and valuable resources the second time round.

One of the first mistakes is not getting the property surveyed properly. Even before the whole concept is planned and an outline drawing is created, you should get the area surveyed to check drainage and determine elevations of the pool and landscape.

Focus on your needs, not trends

The other mistake when it comes to landscaping the area around the pool is getting caught up in the trends. It is important to get an idea of the latest trends and incorporate them, but by getting caught up in the trendy features, your pool design should not be ruined.

Each backyard and pool area is unique and a design should be drawn up depending on your personality, style, and how often you use the pool. The next mistake most people make is that of ignoring the budget.

If you don’t have a budget in mind, you will not know the ground reality. Keep the project simple and realistic, unless you are flush with funds and have no problem experimenting and renovating your pool and landscaping again and again.

Planting mistakes

Improper planting, not choosing the right vegetation and planting too many flower plants are other mistakes you must avoid. People sometimes don’t take sunlight and the area’s climatic conditions before planting. Also, not thinking of a focal point before-hand could cause a landscape to look cluttered.

You should avoid planting hard-stemmed plants or thorny bushes near the pool area . Also avoid plants with huge roots. This can turn out to be a costly mistake because the pool can get damaged because of the root. Also, if plants are very close to the pool, all the organic matter and dust are bound to clog up the pool. Planting flower varieties could attract bees, so it is best to avoid such varieties.

It also pays to focus on lighting, fixtures and connections before the landscaping. The mistake to avoid is installing lights merely for effect and not on the basis of need. The walking paths and the area near the pool should be well-lit; functionality should go hand-in-hand with design. Also, plan the landscaping around the pool in such a manner that there is enough shelter from the vagaries of the weather; ensure that you are not caught off-guard during a sudden shower and have enough protection.

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