Protected Backyard Summer Fun with Patio Umbrellas


With schools closing for long summer vacations, now is the perfect time to add some sizzle to your backyard. Encourage your kids to take up an active physical lifestyle by making your backyard attractive! With a fun filled backyard, you will attract kids from the neighborhood and create a special haven for summer activities. A great way to ensure that your children are safe from the hot sun is to install patio umbrellas wherever possible.

If you already have a swimming pool in your backyard, you are probably the most popular home for the neighborhood kids. Apart from organizing fun swimming activities and events, you can also hold backyard luaus complete with fun costumes, games and plenty of fun under the sun. If you are planning an overnight camping trip right in your backyard, patio umbrellas are the perfect places to enjoy a cool breezy night. Nighttime BBQ parties are even better as you can simply kick back under the patio and with a cold brewski and enjoy juicy steaks.

Whether they are playing tea party by the pool or relaxing after a swim, you can be assured of keeping the kids safe from harmful UV radiation. You can choose from a wide range of patio umbrella systems and aluminum parasols from Tucci and Shadescapes available on Bonavista. Finished to perfection, these shade systems boast excellent functionalities and are low on maintenance and high on style.

Aluminum parasols from Tucci Bay Master are counted among the best shelter options for your backyard. Along with the non corrosive finish of the steel hardware, Tucci Bay Master parasols are able to withstand hot climates while providing adequate UV protection.

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