Shadescapes Paraflex Umbrellas: Create Welcoming and Attractive Areas of Shade

Shadescapes Paraflex Umbrellas

Shadescapes has been providing reliable shade solutions for over ten years now. It has served the hospitality, contract and design trade markets with its wide array of shade designs, which include cantilever posts, umbrella systems and multi-umbrellas to name some. Shadescapes’ Paraflex umbrella system combines European ingenuity with consummate style to deliver a unique, distinctive and functional design. You can buy Shadescapes Paraflex umbrellas at Bonavista to meet your shade needs.

What exactly is the Paraflex system? It basically comprises flexible arms and a holder that are inspired by the human arm. This means you can tilt and rotate the umbrella across a huge adjustment range. Regardless of how challenging the landscape, the Paraflex system can offer a suitable adjustment to keep the sun rays out and give you an appropriately shaded place to relax.

Shadescapes Paraflex Wall umbrella can be conveniently attached to a side wall. Bronze and silver finishes are available with this category. Paraflex Offset umbrellas allow two umbrellas to be mounted at the same height courtesy of the innovative duo-hinge. For multiple tracks, a telescopic pole is also offered. The Paraflex Multiflex umbrella system allows a fifth umbrella to be easily perched on top of the pole, adding a new dimension to the existing quartet and creating an attractive bouquet of shade.

Paraflex Wall, Offset and Multiflex umbrellas are available in a number of colors, shapes and sizes. See what’s currently available at Bonavista; you can also place an order for a design that you don’t see. New orders will take approximately two weeks.

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