Small But Mighty

Small But Mighty

When envisioning an inground swimming pool, many people immediately think of the Olympic-sized standard – long and rectangular with both a deep end and a shallow end. But there are as many shapes and sizes of pools available as there are individual opinions. And in today’s real estate market, size comes at a premium. But just because you don’t have a massive backyard doesn’t mean you don’t have room for a pool. There are many small but mighty alternatives that will allow you to swim, soak and bathe no matter the size of your yard. To help you learn more about swim spas and shallow depth pools, we’ve put together this article to provide more information.

Swim Spas

Swim spas are ideal for the inveterate swimmer who doesn’t have a lot of space to work with. These compact sized tanks, which run anywhere from seven to 20+ feet in length, come equipped with a powerful water jet system that creates a current strong enough to keep the most capable swimmer in place when practicing their stroke. Also known as an endless pool, the swimmer never reaches the swim spa tank’s edge and never has to turn around. The treadmill-like approach is perfect for swimmers with small backyards or a large terrace.

The volume of water in a swim spa can be 10 times less than that found in a full sized swimming pool. For this reason, the cost and energy required to maintain a swim spa is much less than with a full sized pool. It also allows the swim spa to double as a hot tub when the water temperature is brought up to 40 degrees Celsius. This ability to maintain high water temperatures allows swim spas to be used year round, even during a Canadian winter. If you’re a swimmer looking for an alternative to a full sized pool, a swim spa might be perfect for your needs.

Shallow Depth Pools

Another small but mighty alternative to a full sized swimming pool is the shallow depth pool. Rather than the typical swimming pool shallow end sloping down into a deep end, these pools maintain a consistent depth throughout. Unless you have a pressing need for diving, which is often dicey in a backyard swimming pool anyway, a shallow depth pool can actually be much more versatile than the traditional inground pool with a deep end.

It’s still possible to swim in a shallow depth pool, but it’s also much more conducive to relaxing, socializing, team sports such as volleyball, and for small children who may be intimidated by the deep end of a swimming pool. Used as an exercise pool or a cooling off plunge pool, shallow depth pools are great for those who can’t swim, but still enjoy the sensation of being in the water. It’s a good idea to really examine how you plan on using your swimming pool because a shallow depth pool might be all you require to meet your needs.

To learn more about the benefits of swim spas, download a swim spa buyer’s guide.

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