Swear by your goggles, not at them.

Sable Water Optic goggles just arrived in store.

5 reasons why these are the best goggles you will ever own.

1. Flat Lens technology offers spectacular sighting in open water. Get razor sharp vision above and below water and ease eye strain.
2. Super Anti-fog technology outperforms everything else on the market.
3. Flash mirror coating cuts glare. It’s hydrophobic surface sheds water, keeping the lens clear.
4. Customizable prescription lenses aid precision eyesight. Different RX’s can be installed for each eye.
5. Unparalleled visual clarity.

4 thoughts on “Swear by your goggles, not at them.”

  1. Hello Christopher,

    Thank you for you inquiry on Sable Water Optic goggles. These goggles sell for $45-50 depending on the style. We do carry a variety of other goggles for men, women and children that range from $35-$50. Please visit our store at 812 Eglinton Ave. East in Toronto to see the full selection.

    Many thanks,

  2. Does it cost extra for the prescription lenses? Is it still available in store? Will it take long to install the lenses?

  3. Hi Heather –
    Thank you for your interest in the sable water optic goggles. The cost for prescription lenses is generally around $70 in the sable water optic goggles. Please contact me at to arrange for a quote for you.

    Many thanks, Mary

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