Swim in an Endless Pool

5 Reasons to Swim in an Endless Pool.

1. You’ll get fit – and stay fit! …because exercise you enjoy is exercise you’ll stay with – for a lifetime of better health.

2. Swimming is the best exercise. It works all the major muscle groups, provides an outstanding cardiovascular workout, burns calories and invigorates you all at once.

3. Excellent for aquatic exercise and therapy …because the water provides both resistance and buoyancy there is less stress on your joints, tendons and muscles than with high impact exercises such as running.

4. Your own personalized swimming environment. Easily and fully adjustable to your preferred speed and temperature. Swim at the time of day you choose- even to your own choice of music if you like. No heavy chlorine as in public pools!

5. Not just for swimmers. The ‘WaterWell’ allows you to do aquatic exercise, while the ‘underwater treadmill’ turns your pool into a complete home gym.

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