Learn the Swim Spa Costs and How to Minimize Expenses

Although the cost of owning a swim spa will depend on aspects like make, model, size, your location, etc., there are a few things that anyone looking to add one to their home can do to minimize expenses. Below, we will provide you with what you need to know!

What Are the Costs of Owning a Swim Spa? 

The Cost of Delivery and Installation

It’s safe to say that the delivery cost will depend on various factors, such as where you live and the size of the swim spa you choose. This price also depends on how accessible your backyard is and what is required for delivery. For instance, some spas will require a crane delivery while others will be fine to arrive via truck. The difference between these two options also means a price difference. Once again, this will depend on where you live, so it’s best to reach out to an expert to learn more about the delivery cost in your area. However, one thing to keep in mind regarding the methods of delivery and associated costs is that it is ultimately a one-time occurrence. Meaning, even if it does cost a bit more money, it is not an ongoing cost that you need to worry about as a swim spa owner.

The cost of installation will depend greatly on your preferences and needs and how you would like to bring your backyard vision to life. For example, if you’re looking to add some landscape work to your yard while adding your swim spa, then you will need to account for those costs too. Perhaps you’d like to add a new deck or some stonework, then this should also be addressed in your spa installation cost. With that said, of course, these are extras that aren’t necessary for everyone, but it is important to keep in mind if you do decide that you would like to create your dream space. Although this number is less fixed or certain, the cost of adding a concrete slab might be. Because this is something that the majority of people will add to their homes before the swim spa is installed, it will very likely be one of the required costs across the board for all new owners. Generally speaking, the concrete pad can cost around $1,500 – $3,000 depending on the time and material. However, if you’d like to learn more about the best means of structural support for your specific swim spa make or model, you can reach out to a spa dealer near you. 

The Cost of Chemicals

The first ongoing cost of owning a swim spa is the chemicals required to keep it running in pristine condition. This is generally not a large monthly cost for owners; however, still one worth noting. Typically speaking, chemicals will cost between $50 – $70/ month for swim spas and $20 – $30/ month for hot tubs. A swim spa has four times the volume of water compared to a hot tub, so the cost will be a little bit more.

You should ensure you are regularly checking the chemistry levels of your swim spa to ensure everything is where it should be. By keeping on top of the levels and adding in chemicals as needed on a daily or weekly basis, it’s less likely that you will really need to address larger issues down the road. Ultimately, the more often you consistently treat your water, the less you will need to spend in the long-term on putting in fresh water to balance your water’s levels or potential repairs or replacements of parts in the future.

The Cost of Electricity

The ongoing electrical costs of owning a swim spa depend on your choice of make and model. For instance, Hydropool spas are designed with sustainability in mind as it is a leading manufacturer of eco-efficiency. Therefore, for only pennies a day, this brand’s swim spa can run easily, meaning less money is spent on electricity in the long run. To learn more about the energy-efficient features of a Hydropool spa, you can reach out to a dealer near you.

There are a few things to consider regarding the cost of owning a swim spa. The initial price of delivery and installation and ongoing costs of chemicals and electricity are a few things to keep in mind. To learn more about choosing your perfect swim spa, download our free buyer’s guide.


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