Taking Pool Parties to the Next Level

Taking Pool Parties to the Next Level

The Instagram age has made a superstar of the backyard swimming pool. The foundation of lavish pool parties, opulent serenity scenes, and social influencer photo ops, swimming pools have transcended their background designation and have become recognized as co-stars of the show. Utilizing some of these design ideas during the installation process will have you taking pool parties to the next level.

The Tanning Ledge

The tanning ledge is one of the recent innovations in backyard inground pool design. This small shelf on the edge of the pool, usually only a few inches in depth, allows you to tan, sleep or simply keep cool in the water without having to fully submerge yourself. Placing your sun lounger or lawn chair on the tanning ledge allows you to immerse your feet while still being able to comfortably relax. Tanning ledges also make great play areas for the small children in your life.

The Swim Up Bar

Swim up bars have been a mainstay of popular vacation resorts for quite some time now. But these days they’re making their way into the backyard swimming pool as well. Having a drink at the bar while being seated in the pool allows you to both keep cool and look cool. When it comes to modern swimming pool design, almost anything is possible. And a swim up pool bar is definitely within reach.

The Infinity Pool

Infinity pools provide the optical illusion that the pool’s edge is merging with the sky or the view beyond. A favourite of many of today’s social influencers, infinity pools are considered the height of luxury. If your backyard has an especially amazing view or a large drop off, an infinity pool could substantially add to the splendour of your property. And your pool parties will never be the same.

The Beach Entry

A beach entry is a shallow edge of the pool that slowly slopes into the water mimicking the effect of walking into the ocean from a sandy beach. Beach entries not only provide a much more gradual way of getting into the water, but they can also act as a tanning shelf or children’s play area. With some creative use of contrasting surface materials, a beach entry can provide a dramatic tropical flair to your backyard.

The Fire Pit

When it comes to the four archetypal elements none are more iconic than fire and water. Adding a firepit to the area surrounding your pool will not only provide an interesting juxtaposition, but it’ll also allow you to enjoy the cooler evenings in complete comfort. And you don’t necessarily have to worry about your wood chopping skills as there are many gas powered fire pits on the market that provide a clean and consistent flame.

The Outdoor Kitchen

Grills are pretty basic accessories in any backyard, but installing an outdoor kitchen definitely brings the party to a whole other level. If you’re known for al fresco dining, the convenience of an outdoor sink, refrigerator and counter space is hard to beat. Save yourself from constantly running in and out of your house by replicating your kitchen outside.

To get more ideas for your outdoor living space, download a Backyard Escapes Guide.

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