The Perfect Year Round Pool

The Perfect Year Round Pool

As Canadians, one of the major drawbacks of having a full-sized outdoor pool is the limited amount of time that it’s actually usable. We’re famous for our long winters and short summers which gives outdoor swimming a very narrow window. But there are ways to have access to the perfect year round pool without having to deal with an indoor installation. Both hot tubs and swim spas contain a small enough volume of water that they can be efficiently heated and powered through even in the worst Canadian weather. To find out more about these all season alternatives, read on.

The Year Round Swim Spa

Swim spas are ideal for those who are devoted to swimming. Their adjustable pumps create a current that’s strong enough to hold you in place while practicing your stroke. You can consider swim spas to be the aquatic equivalent of a dryland treadmill. But the fact is that swim spas have a much smaller volume of water than a regular swimming pool. At around eight feet wide, four feet deep and lengths ranging from 12 to 19 feet, swim spas are ideal for those who don’t have the amount of space required for a full sized swimming pool. Their small size also makes them more versatile than a full sized pool. You’d find it impossible to heat the water of a full sized pool to emulate the temperatures found in a hot tub. But a swim spa gives you that ability. If you’re looking for a hot tub experience, your swim spa can provide. And by employing a properly insulated cover, you’ll be able to keep your swim spa running through the depths of the Canadian winter. Is the swim spa the perfect year round pool? It appears to be so.

The Year Round Hot Tub

It’s been found that the majority of Canadian hot tubs are used during the winter more than any other time of year. And it only makes sense! What could be more refreshing after a chilly winter day than a relaxing soak in the warm massaging waters of the hot tub? There’s something incredibly magical about sitting in the comfort of a hot tub while snowflakes are falling. It’s a sensation that those who live in warmer climates will rarely experience. 

But hot tub use isn’t limited to the colder months. Hot tubs can be a welcome relief even in the middle of a hot summer. All you need to do is turn down, or turn off, the water heater and you’ll have a refreshing plunge pool at your service. 

And although hot tubs are generally known for leisure and relaxation, they can also play an important role in the life of an athlete. Although not the hot tub’s most familiar use, many athletes employ the warm water as an integral part of their warm up routine before going on to their main workout. And for those who suffer from mobility or balance issues, a hot tub can provide a safe and pleasant environment for a therapeutic exercise routine. If you’re looking for another year round aquatic option, hot tubs should be high on your list of considerations.

Now that toy know what the perfect year round pool may be, download a Backyard Escapes Guide to get more ideas for your outdoor lifestyle.

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