Tips for Adding Privacy to Your Backyard Retreat

Many homes these days are built so close together, that it’s impossible to have any privacy in the backyard without some extra measures being taken, especially when the homes around you are two or more stories high. No one can truly relax in their own backyard if they feel that the neighbours have a front-row seat to their pool, hot tub or swim spa.

Here are some tips for adding privacy to your to backyard retreat.

Trees and Shrubs

Trees and shrubs are the natural way to add privacy around a pool, hot tub or swim spa. When choosing trees and shrubs that will be situated close to a pool, be sure they are the type that don’t shed very much.

Decorative Screens

A decorative screen not only helps to conceal your hot tub from the neighbours, but it also acts as a backdrop to hide an unattractive view. Privacy screens can be made of wood or resin and are usually sold in four-panel sections.

Privacy Fencing

A wood slat fence, constructed around your hot tub or swim spa offers a modern, sleek look, as well as the solitude you need. Lattice fencing, paired with fabric curtains will create a private space that also provides shade.


A gazebo is another way to house a hot tub. As well as offering privacy, a gazebo can also be built with seating. If you opt for an open gazebo, you can hang outdoor curtains around the perimeter for privacy as you soak.

Some gazebos are completely enclosed with large windows that can be easily opened or closed, depending on the weather, to protect you and your hot tub from the elements. This is a great idea for those who want to be able to use their hot tub all year long.


You can use trellis panels, spaced slightly apart, to create a cozy space in which to enjoy your hot tub or swim spa in privacy. Trellis panels can be made of wood or metal and come in a variety of attractive designs. Planting climbing vines at the base of the trellises will eventually give you even more privacy as well as beautiful scenery to look at while you relax.


If your hot tub or swim spa is situated next to the house under an overhang or patio roof, an easy and inexpensive solution for privacy would be to hang some outdoor curtains around the edges of the overhang. The beauty of curtains is that they are easily changed should you get tired of one colour or pattern.

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