Tips for a great BBQ sauce

3 things you may not know about barbecue sauce

– There’s a flavour for everyone, but the five basic ingredients are tomato paste, sugar, onions, vinegar and chili peppers.

– It burns really easily. Apply your sauce when the meat is nearly done, or serve it on the side.

– Most store-bought barbecue sauce is full of artificial sugar. For a healthier version, make your own with either honey or cane sugar.

1 tip you can’t live without

– Keep your basting brush dry and fresh between weekend feasts by storing it in a cup of salt to draw out any moisture. Come Friday, just shake off the salt.

2 ways to try barbecue sauce right now

– In a veggie dish. Try grilling a piece of firm tofu, then topping with barbecue sauce and roasted onions and peppers for a nutritious sandwich switch.

– With a caffeine kick. Mixing freshly brewed espresso with your sauce adds bold flavour and tempers your choice of spices.

1 barbecue sauce to look for at BonaVista LeisureScapes

Napoleon BBQ sauce. We love all the delicious flavours – Fire roasted garlic, peanut, steak or mango!

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