Warm pools, Hydrotherapy and Arthritis

In the March 2011 issue of Hospital News, the benefits of warm pools and hydrotherapy is discussed. At BonaVista, we educate people every day about the healing properties of water. Read how hydrotherapy benefits people with arthritis and other chronic health conditions.

Warm-pools and hydrotherapy (physiotherapy conducted in a warm pool) have long been used to help individuals manage the pain, joint stiffness and immobility that may be associated with arthritis. For those with limited mobility or whose arthritic condition impedes function, water exercise provides a safe, soothing environment to gently exercise joints and muscles. Water acts as resistance to help build muscle strength, and water buoyancy lessens the stress on joints to improve mobility, balance and function. Warm water also raises blood pressure, resulting in increased circulation. And for those with chronic pain, the heat of the water helps loosen tight muscles and relieve pain. Hydrotherapy and warm-pools can play an important role in rehabilitation, pain management and continuum of care.

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