What Appliances for Outdoor Kitchens?

What Appliances for Outdoor Kitchens?

One of the biggest new trends in backyard landscaping is the addition of an outdoor kitchen.  No longer are people simply satisfied with an outdoor grill and a picnic table.  Having all the accoutrements of a full kitchen has become a popular way of making more use of a backyard entertainment area.  When planning a big backyard renovation, one of the most asked questions is what appliances for outdoor kitchens are available?  This article will go over some of the more popular appliances that can be installed to create the ultimate outdoor kitchen.

The Grill

Always the centrepiece of backyard cooking, a good grill is the first place to start on your journey to a full outdoor kitchen.  Depending on your preferences you can either create a built-in grill or use a free-standing unit that can be moved around.  Some people prefer built-in units because they usually include more counter space and create a more stable cooking environment.  For those who get extreme winters and don’t like to grill after the snow falls, you can wheel free-standing unit away and store it in the winter.  And these days you don’t even need to choose between gas or charcoal grills because there are now grills on the market that allow for both fuel types.

A Fridge

Once you have your grill, you’ll need somewhere to keep your food and drinks cold.  Rather than just hauling out an old kitchen refrigerator which can be dangerous and energy wasting, make sure you invest in an outdoor rated appliance.  Having an outdoor fridge will reduce the amount of back and forth trips you make to get to the fridge in your kitchen.  It’ll also allow you to keep your food safe while being close at hand on warm summer days.

A Sink

Having an outdoor kitchen sink can also increase the safety factor of your outdoor dining experiences by providing an easy place to wash your hands and dishes without having to go inside every time.  If you’ve just handled raw chicken, opening and closing multiple doors to get to a sink can spread bacteria throughout your home.  Being able to wash your hands on the spot will cut down on the chances of bacteria transfer.  As an added bonus you’ll be able to clean vegetables and soak your dishes immediately after use.

Counters and Storage

Adding counter and storage space to your outdoor kitchen will allow you to prepare foods more easily while having all the tools to do so close at hand.  Just like extra counter and storage space in your actual kitchen, this makes life easier and allows you to work without feeling crowded or cramped.  You’ll have a place for all your cooking utensils, dishes, and other cooking equipment.  Your outdoor counter space can also be used as a mooring for electrical outlets to allow for the use of appliances, music systems and other power hungry objects.

Now that you know exactly what appliances are essential for your outdoor kitchen, download our backyard escapes guide for some design ideas.

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