What are Indoor Hot Tub Dimensions?

What are Indoor Hot Tub Dimensions?

Although making the decision to buy a brand new indoor hot tub is a very exciting time, it will be followed by a whole lot of questions and concerns.  Finding the right model that will stand up to the rigours of your lifestyle while remaining within your budget is a balancing act that can sometimes seem tougher than walking the metaphorical tightrope.  But with some proper planning, some expert advice and a commitment to measuring precisely, you too can be the proud owner of a luxurious indoor hot tub.  You’ll need to be asking yourself questions such as “Who will be using the hot tub?” and “What are indoor hot tub dimensions?” as well as a plethora of others.  To help you move from prospective buyer to excited installer, we’ve created an article in your honour.

How Big a Hot Tub Will I Need?

It’s very unlikely that you’ll be the only one using your hot tub.  If that’s the case you might be better off just installing a jet system in your bathtub.  Hot tubs are inherently social areas, so you’ll want to make sure the tub is large enough to fit the people who will be using it on a regular basis.  Initially consider your immediate family.  Now, what about your extended family and close friends?  Although many people envision throwing hot tub parties every weekend, the reality is that unless you’re extremely social, it will be just your inner circle that will be using the hot tub the most.  Once you’ve decided on a realistic number of regular users, you’ll need to compare that with your budget.  You can get larger hot tubs on the cheaper side of things, but you’ll be missing out on a lot of the accessories.  If bells and whistles don’t matter so much, bigger might be better.  But spending more money on a smaller tub might give you a better soaking (and maintenance!) experience.

What Are Indoor Hot Tub Dimensions?

If you’re installing a customized indoor hot tub, you can make it as big or small as your budget allows.  And although it’s entirely possible to build an indoor hot tub into an existing house, it’s much easier to do during the house’s construction phase.  If, however, you’re planning on installing a prefabricated model in your existing home, making precise measurements will be vital to installation success.  You should also seek the advice of your dealer as they’ve likely been down this road many times before.  And although exact hot tub dimensions will vary from model to model and manufacturer to manufacturer, we can give some basic guidelines on what to expect depending on the number of people the hot tub is built for.  For the largest hot tubs that hold seven or more people you can expect a tub that ranges from around seven to nine feet across and a little over three feet high.  For the five to six person models you can estimate for six and a half to eight feet across and around three feet high.  The smallest two to four person models typically range from five to seven feet across and two and a half to three feet high.  Of course, these are only general guidelines and you’ll need to specifically measure the model you’re planning to buy.

Installation Preparation

You’ll need to make sure you can get your hot tub into the room you’ve set aside for it.  You should absolutely measure your doors, driveway and any tight corners for clearance, but you’ll also want to talk to your dealer about delivery and installation.  They should be able to give you some advice on what can or cannot work when it comes to installing an indoor hot tub.

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