What Does a Hot Tub Do for You?

What Does a Hot Tub Do for You?

Those who don’t regularly use a hot tub might think of it as a trivial waste of time.  Beyond having some fun and splashing around in some warm water, it may seem like there are few benefits to soaking in a hot tub.  But many health professionals and hot tub aficionados alike understand that there can be very real health benefits to regularly spending time in a hot tub.  If you’re one of those people who wonder, “What does a hot tub do for you?” we’ve come up with a list of how regularly soaking in the warm, massaging waters can improve your health.

Reduction of Stress

Most people understand that soaking in a hot tub can be relaxing, but a big part of why you’re able to relax is the reduction of stress.  The warm and massaging hot tub water reduces muscle tension, relieves pressure from the joints and bones, increases blood flow and encourages the flow of pain-relieving hormones.  Spending time in the hot tub can reduce tension headaches, relieve tightness in the neck and cause the entire body to loosen up.  Stress can promote the onset of even worse medical conditions.  Spending 15 minutes a day in the warm relaxing waters can relieve you of your everyday stressors.

Recovery from Injury

Whether you’ve been injured due to an accident, taking part in sports or you’re recovering from surgery, spending time in a hot tub can speed up your recovery time.  An effect of increasing your internal body temperature is increased blood circulation.  This allows more oxygen to reach the injured areas and speed up the regeneration processes.  Hydrotherapy, or the use of warm water exercise, has long been implemented by professional athletes, physiotherapists and other healthcare workers to reduce injury recovery times.  Speak with your doctor or healthcare specialist to find out if your hot tub can be of help to you.

Reduction of Pain

Spending time in a hot tub can help relieve suffering caused by pain.  The warm water encourages the production of pain-relieving hormones, such as endorphins.  It also increases the body’s circulation rate which allows oxygen rich blood to reach injured tissues much more quickly and in greater quantities.  Whether your pain is the result of injury or caused by an underlying medical condition, soaking in the warm, massaging waters of your hot tub can give you almost instant relief.

Reduction of Blood Pressure

Once again, the body’s reaction to an increase in internal temperature provides the basis for increased blood flow which has a wide variety of benefits.  When you spend time in a hot tub, your heart pumps faster, your blood vessels and arteries dilate, and blood reaches for the skin’s surface.  The result of all this is a reduction in blood pressure.  If you’ve been diagnosed with high blood pressure, regular hot tub use can be part of a program to help you get it back under control. 

Strengthen the Immune System

Another bodily reaction to an increase in internal temperature is the creation of white blood cells.  White blood cells are the foot soldiers of the immune system.  They travel through the bloodstream and attack and absorb foreign bodies such as viruses and bacteria.  If your immune system could use a boost, spending time in a hot tub can help fortify your body’s defense system.

Lower Blood Sugar Levels

Blood sugar levels are also affected by the increase in blood flow caused by soaking in the hot tub.  As circulation increases, more blood sugars pass through the muscles where they can be incorporated and broken down.  This is regularly done during exercise or physical exertion,  but for those who find it hard to exercise due to mobility issues, spending time in the hot tub is a good way to get the blood pumping and allow the muscles to break down sugars.

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