What Is a Rooftop Infinity Pool?

What Is a Rooftop Infinity Pool?

Instagram has revolutionized the backyard pool.  No longer is your average kidney pool, wooden pool deck or poolside deckchair enough to garner the admiration of friends, family and strangers alike.  In today’s social media-driven culture, the infinity pool reigns supreme.  Only when the horizon melds directly into the landscape from the selfie lens of a smartphone will today’s swimming pool gain the requisite number of social media “likes.” So, what is a rooftop infinity pool?  And what’s the possibility of owning one yourself?  In this article, we’ll go over the basics of infinity pools to help you become the envy of your online peers.

What Is A Rooftop Infinity Pool?

 An infinity pool creates an optical illusion where the edge of the pool seamlessly disappears into the landscape beyond.  Also known as a zero-edge pool, infinity pools work best when located on rooftops, cliff edges or areas where the background landscape rises from far below the edge of the pool.  Through some simple pool construction tricks, the far end of an infinity pool disappears away into the horizon.

How Does an Infinity Pool Work?

The infinity pool is based on what you would see upstream from a waterfall.  When the water reaches the brink of the waterfall it seems to disappear over the edge.  The fact is that it doesn’t disappear but simply falls to a pool below.  Infinity pools follow this basic principle of the waterfall where an edge of the pool is lower than the others.  This allows the water to flow over it into a catch basin located below.  The sunken pool edge is “invisible” which creates the illusion of the water seamlessly blending into the sky.

Where Do Infinity Pools Work Best?

 You can’t just install an infinity pool anywhere and expect to get Instagram famous results.  The best location for an infinity pool is an area where there’s an extreme drop off.  This is the reason why rooftops make great locales for infinity pools.  Other locations that work well are cliff edges, the tops of hills or the edges of deep valleys.

Does an Infinity Pool Require Extra Maintenance?

To make an infinity pool effective, a catch basin must be placed below the sunken edge of the pool.  Water flows over the sunken edge and collects in the catch basin where it’s pumped back into the pool’s circulation system.  As water streams over the edge, it’s prone to evaporation.  You might think the evaporation would be minimal, but it’s definitely more noticeable when compared to a regular pool, so you’ll find yourself refilling your pool more often.  The catch basin is also another place you’ll need to keep clean.  Allowing it to get clogged can result in pump failure and/or filtration problems.

Now that you know what a rooftop infinity pool is, start planning your dream pool by downloading our free Backyard Escapes guide.

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