What Is A Swim Spa Pool?

Not everyone likes going to the public swimming pool or local community centre to swim. Dealing with the crowds of people, swimming at irregular or inconvenient times and having to pay for the privilege of dealing with all that can make even the most dedicated swimmer look for an alternative. Although a backyard swimming pool might be a consideration, you need to have a lot of space and money to install one. There is a fantastic alternative to traditional swimming pools and that is a swim spa pool. If you’re asking “What is a swim spa pool?” we’ve got some information that you may be interested in.

What Is A Swim Spa Pool?

A swim spa pool is a small-scale swimming pool that creates a powerful current to hold a swimmer in place while they perform their favourite swimming stroke. This means the swimmer never reaches the end of the pool and doesn’t have to turn around and go back the other way. Because of this, the tank is usually less than 25 feet in length whereas full-sized swimming pools and lap pools are often more than 35 feet in length. The strength of the current can be adjusted for different types of swimming strokes or varying levels of swimming ability. The compact size and the mechanical composition of swim spa pools offer some unique advantages which we’ll explore below.

Multipurpose Use

You’re not limited to simply swimming in a swim spa pool. Like a regular pool, there’s enough room that you can use it to float around and cool off, play some games or hang out with family and friends. The current generated also provides some extra recreational possibilities. You can use a tether and kickboard to simulate body surfing or attach a small dinghy to mimic the sensation of boating. Many swim spa pools also have seating areas with massaging water jets that simulate the effects of a hot tub. Higher calibre models take this an extra step by providing an additional tank to allow hot tubbing and swimming to occur simultaneously. If you’re looking for an all-round aquatic package with multipurpose use, a swim spa pool is a worthy option.

Year-Round Use

The smaller tank associated with swim spa pools allows the water temperature to be maintained even in freezing weather. This allows the swim spa to be used throughout the year – similar to a hot tub. If the thought of owning a swimming pool that can’t be used for the majority of the year makes you hesitant, you may want to consider the possibilities of a swim spa pool.

Portable Swim Spa Pools

Portable swim spa pools are so-named because all the components are contained within a single cabinet. This makes for simplified installation and allows for the possibility of taking the swim spa with you if you ever need to move.

Modular Swim Spa Pools

Modular swim spa pools are separated into several distinct components which are pieced together on site. This provides some distinct advantages over the all-in-one configuration of portable swim spas. The main advantage is that each component is much smaller than a portable swim spa. This allows them to fit through small spaces like doorways and stairwells. For this reason, modular swim spas are ideal for indoor installation. The ability to piece together different parts also allows for more customization compared to portable swim spas. If you’re looking for an odd-shaped swim spa or one that’s bigger than usual, a modular setup might suit you better.

Hopefully, you now have a better idea of what a swim spa pool is. If you’d like more information, download a free swim spa pool buyer’s guide here.


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