What Is the Best Hot Tub for Canadian Winters?

When the temperatures begin to dip, there’s nothing quite like relaxing in a hot tub to keep you warm while enjoying the beauty of the season. With this said, there are a handful of features to consider when looking for the best hot tub for Canadian winters. From insulation to eco-efficiency and more, all of the top hot tub features to help you through cold winters can be found in Hydropool spas. Below, we’ll take a look at what makes Hydropool hot tubs a great option to provide comfort, relaxation, and enjoyment year-round.

What Makes Winter Hot Tub Use So Great?

Many people enjoy relaxing in hot tubs year-round, but during the winter, the experience is even more enjoyable. For starters, there are a handful of health benefits associated with using hot tubs in the winter. Studies have shown that regular soaks can help reduce stress, improve blood circulation and relieve joint and muscle pain. Additionally, those who suffer from Arthritis or pain know that the cold weather can exasperate the issue and make things worse. However, by regularly soaking in a hot tub, you’ll be provided with the relief you need to continue feeling your best no matter the weather.

How Hydropool Hot Tubs Elevate Winter Relaxation

Hydropool hot tubs are designed to withstand even the harshest winters. Here are some of the top features to keep in mind.

1. Hydropool’s Top-Notch Insulation

With top-notch insulation, even when the outside temperatures dip, you can be sure that your spa will remain at your ideal temperature. The Thermal Shield Technology traps heat inside and helps prevent any unexpected cooling. Furthermore, a heat shield hardcover also helps trap the heat, making it easier to maintain the desired temperature. This allows the water in your hot tub to stay warm, even when the outside temperature drops.

With these energy-efficient features, you don’t need to worry about excessive energy consumption, either. That means you will be able to enjoy a safe and comfortable soak all winter long without breaking the bank on your electricity bill. To learn more about Hydropool’s eco-efficient features, you can also get in touch with your local hot tub dealer.

2. Hydropool’s Self-Cleaning Function

Hydropool hot tubs come with self-cleaning technology that automatically filters 100 percent of the water every fifteen minutes. The seating design and strategic jet placement support the self-cleaning feature even further, as their placement creates a continuous flow of water that pushes floating debris toward the high-flow skimmer. This eliminates any dirt and debris from your hot tub, so you can enjoy clean and sparkling water all winter long without having to clean it manually. Hydropool even has a Safe Water Guarantee, which ensures 100% of the water is efficiently filtered.

3. Materials that are Designed to Withstand the Cold

Hydropool hot tubs are durable and made with high-quality materials that can withstand the coldest temperatures. This includes their components and shells, which are made from corrosion-resistant and high-grade materials that won’t warp or rust. This helps provide a longer lifespan for your hot tub, even when living in the coldest climates.

On top of this, the massage jets of Hydropool hot tubs are designed to function even in freezing temperatures. That means you can still enjoy the restorative hydrotherapy benefits of a hot tub soak during winter. The warm water and the massaging action help relieve muscular tension and pain, as well as improve blood circulation throughout your body.

Hydropool hot tubs are designed to make winter soaks easier and more enjoyable. From superior insulation systems to efficient self-cleaning technologies, they offer the best features for cold-weather use. Whether you’re looking to relax or relieve sore muscles during the chilly months, Hydropool hot tubs have what you need. Download our free buyer’s guide to learn more about choosing the best hot tub for you and your home.


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