What is the Optimal Pool Temperature For the Summertime?

The perfect pool temperature will vary from household to household and even person to person. What might be ideal for some might not be warm enough for others. Although it is all about perspective and preference, we’re here to provide you with what you need to know about finding the perfect setting for you. 

Is There a “Perfect” Pool Temperature? 

Just like many of us have always been told, there is no such thing as perfection. However, finding your ideal pool temperature might just be as close as you get to it. Picture yourself spending this summer enjoying your brand-new pool. Are you in it more for fun and enjoyment or to cool off? Do you regularly use the pool to swim or lounge around? Just as pools are used for various reasons, the ideal temperature will change depending on the individual and activity. For instance, say it’s a hot summer day, and you go out and take a dip in a pool that is 78 degrees. While this might be a refreshing way to spend a hot afternoon, taking a morning dip when it might be a bit chillier may require a comfortable setting of 83 degrees. On the other hand, perhaps you want to go for a night swim with your partner or friends. In this case, you very well might turn your pool up even a few more degrees. Not only is it about the person, the perspective, and the activity, but outside influences like the temperature and the time of day. Because there are so many things that can influence this number, it might not always stay the same, even within a household that regularly uses a pool throughout the summer. 

Ideal Pool Temperatures Can Change Depending On Who’s In It

Not only will the pool temperature change depending on the activity, but also who’s in it. For instance, when it comes to young children learning how to swim, you will want to ensure the temperature is about 84 degrees or higher. Additionally, if older individuals are using the pool, then it’s best to keep it at a higher setting. In some cases, even as high as 88 degrees might be ideal for the elderly and easier on their joints. 

Factors That Affect a Pool’s Temperature

Various aspects can influence pool water, and thus, its temperature, too. Of course, outside factors like how hot or cold the weather is. Rainwater also plays a large role in this. Not only will it affect the temperature but the overall state of the pool water and its pH. Speaking of pH, drastic changes can also interfere with this delicate balance because a pool’s water needs to be regularly checked and maintained. From the previously mentioned aspects, like sunlight and rain, drastic changes in the pool’s temperature can also cause potential imbalances. Although you certainly have the option to change your pool’s temperature as you see fit, it’s always important to keep in mind that if it is constantly going from rather cold to very hot, then the pH balance will likely be affected. However, minor temperature changes shouldn’t cause any problems, but this is something to be mindful of. Regardless of how your pool’s water is being altered, it’s best to ensure that you’re regularly testing the water to ensure all levels are where they should be. If you have any questions about maintaining healthy water and what chemicals you might need to have on hand, you can reach out to a pool supply store near you

Different Methods of Heating Your Pool

There are many ways you can heat your pool. Here are a few of them:

  • Solar Cover/Blanket
  • Electric Pool Heat Pump
  • Gas Heater
  • Solar Panels 

While there are various means of heating your pool, you can very easily also combine a few of the ones listed above. While some might be more expensive means of heating than others (like the electric or gas heaters), they will likely also be the most consistent and reliable. While it isn’t always the best to merely rely on the sun to heat your solar panel or cover, it can be an excellent addition to the previously mentioned options that are more dependable. 

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