What Swimming Pool Chemicals Do I Need?

Swimming in a pool is fun, but not when it is unclean, and the water is murky. An unsanitary pool can be host to a variety of unwanted bacteria, debris, and many other unsightly elements. Keeping your swimming pool clean is necessary for your health as well as enjoyment.  To maintain it, there are specific chemicals required for sustaining its cleanliness. Having the right chemicals available will ensure that you properly upkeep your pool and have it ready to be enjoyed at any time, whether it is for a quick swim or neighborhood pool party.

There are a variety of chemicals available on the market that pool owners can use. These include sanitizers, oxidizers, water balancers, and problem-specific chemicals. All of these compounds serve a fundamental purpose in keeping swimming pools clean. Continue reading below to understand how they work and exactly what they are for.


Sanitizers are essential for decontaminating and disinfecting the pool water. They kill bacteria and work diligently to keep the water in your pool clean. By maintaining a balanced amount of chlorine in pools, this ensures that the water remains hygienic and in sterile condition for swims.


Oxidizers are another form of sanitizers, and they should also be used as a part of your cleaning process for your pool. Typically, these compounds are used to eliminate various types of bacteria, and algae. They are generally used for shocking the pool. During this process, chemicals such as oxidizers in either chlorine or non-chlorine forms are introduced into the pool water to destroy existing bacteria and algae.

Water Balancers

The purpose of water balancers is to maintain the correct pH levels of your swimming pool water. These compounds come in a variety of forms such as powder and tablets. Their overall purpose to improve the pH levels of water, however, checking the alkalinity of your pool is essential in keeping pH levels and acidity in the water balanced. 

Specialty or Problem-Specific Chemicals

If you can accurately identify the issue with your pool’s water, there are specific chemicals on the market for various problems. These chemicals are perfect for handling any issues with your pool. For example, if there are traces of minerals, algae, or other elements in your water, a chemical designed for eliminating these specific issues can be purchased. Filter cleaners, enzymes, metal magnets, stain remover, algaecides and many other substances are available to pool owners.

Chemicals That Pool Owners Should Always Have

With the many chemicals on the market, it can become difficult for pool owners to decide which compounds are the most essential for their pools. However, to ensure that your pool remains in a pristine state, it is necessary to maintain certain levels of chemicals in your pool regularly.

It is essential to keep chlorine tablets, test strips, pH down and sodium carbonate or pH up as it is referred to, on hand. These compounds, as well as the addition of a few other chemicals, are critical. It is important to pay attention to your pool. As the need arises, or as an indicative problem with your pool develops, purchase the necessary specialty chemicals.

Overall, make it a habit to clean your pool regularly and to ensure that it remains clean. With routine use, keep everything such as the chlorine in your water balanced and test your water frequently. 

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