What to Do If a Hot Tub is Tripping Your Circuit Breaker and Why It’s Happening

Why do hot tubs trip the circuit breaker, and what can you do to fix the issue when it happens? Hot tubs are created to be a relaxing experience, and it’s safe to say if you’re constantly dealing with this issue, it can put a damper on things. That’s why we’ve created this guide to help you figure out why this might be happening so that you can know what to do about it. Here’s why your hot tub circuit breaker could be tripping.

1. Moisture Exposure Could Be the Issue

If moisture ends up in the circuit breaker’s control box, then the switch will turn off as a result. This is simply because moisture of any kind cannot be present in the circuit, as it will eventually damage the electrical components of your hot tub’s breaker. Water of any amount in this area can result in rust, deterioration or simply interfere with the connection that’s needed to run efficiently. This is why even slight amounts of moisture could be causing your issues. To protect your hot tub’s control box from this problem, you can ensure that cables are sealed tight and the rubber seal is intact. This will essentially prevent moisture from getting into the panel in the first place. However, if it’s already there, then you will need to carefully dry everything and replace the seal so that it doesn’t continue to be an issue.

Once you have carefully observed whether or not this is where the problem stems from, you can either continue enjoying your hot tub now that the problem is resolved or look to the next possible culprit for your circuit breaker tripping.

2. Your Hot Tub GFCI Breaker is Worn Out

A very common reason why your circuit breaker might be tripping is a result of the wear and tear of your power switch over time. This can happen because of things out of your control, like power surges or something as unexpected as a lightning strike nearby. There are many reasons why your switch might have stopped working, and by attempting to switch it on and off, you will see if this is the case. It’s fairly easy to tell if this is broken, as it will be clear to see that the switch doesn’t transfer any current when set to the “on” position. If this is the case, then you will likely need to get a replacement to resolve the problem.

3. There Could Be Loose Electrical Connections

If your connection is simply going in and out but isn’t completely gone, then you might have a loose connection somewhere. If it’s not connected properly, it can cause the power to come in and out, thus tripping the circuit breaker. If you think this might be the case, we recommend hiring a licensed electrician to come and take a look at your hot tubs connections. In some instances, hot tubs will have plastic plug-in connectors, which can very easily slide out of place. If you know your hot tub has plastic connectors, then give those a quick look over, as they might just need to be securely pushed back into place.

If you find no loose electrical connections, then here’s what to look at next.

4. The Heater Could be Corroded or Damaged

By taking a look at other parts of your hot tub, you might discover that there’s another explanation for the issues with your circuit breaker. Your heater could be the issue, as it can become corroded with age. This will automatically trip the circuit breaker, so if it appears that your hot tub heater has any signs of damage or is worse for wear, then replacing the heating element could do the trick. Visual signs would include a white powder or rust that’s visibly around the components in question. This ultimately indicates that you’re dealing with corrosion. However, the good news is that it’s relatively easy to change out the heating elements, so if this is the reason why your circuit breaker is tripping, then not to worry.

To be sure that the heating element is the issue, you can run a quick test. Start by disconnecting the heating element from the control box. Then, flip the breaker on. If it stays on, then you know that the heating element was the culprit. If not, then here’s what to look for next.

5. It Could Be a Result of a Short Circuit

Having a short circuit anywhere in your hot tub could be causing your breaker to trip. Since breakers are designed to trip for safety reasons, this might just be the answer to your problem if there’s a short circuit. If any area of your hot tub with a functioning component has retained water or even moisture, then a short circuit can occur. In fact, the only space in your hot tub that should be wet is the water itself. Everything else should be dry so that it can function properly. If you think that there’s a loose connection somewhere in your hot tub, then we recommend unplugging all the components and trying them one by one to find the root of the cause.

If you still find that none of these reasons explain what’s happening, or you would simply like someone to take a look at your hot tub, then hiring a licensed professional is the best way to go. You can also reach out to a hot tub store near you if you have any further questions regarding issues you might be experiencing with your spa.

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