What’s Trending in Pool Colours?

What’s Trending in Pool Colours?

When it came to the decision to invest in an inground pool, you probably thought about its size, shape, and the type of accessories that you’d like. But you may not have thought that you’d have to make a decision about colour. The fact is, there is a wide range of pool colours that you can choose from today. To give you some help in making a choice, we’ve tallied up what’s trending in pool colours these days.

Tried and True Blue

Blue is, by far, the most popular colour for swimming pool interiors. Much of this has to do with working with basic science. When sunlight hits a large body of water, the red spectrum is absorbed which makes the water appear blue. This is only enhanced when the pool interior is blue or white. The deeper the water, the darker blue it will appear. That said, there’s a wide range of blues that you can choose from when deciding on a colour for your pool’s interior. Light, medium, and dark blues, with several gradients between them, dominate the market. If you want a classic looking swimming pool, a medium blue is an easy choice.

Darker Colours

Dark colours will naturally make your pool look much deeper than it actually is. In fact, they may make it appear virtually bottomless. That said, a dark coloured material will look much richer once it’s submerged in water, so it’s important to make your choice dependent on how it looks underwater rather than on the showroom shelf. If you do choose a dark coloured pool interior, it’s important that your guests are aware of exactly how deep your pool actually is. They may be fooled into thinking that it’s safe to dive into whereas it may actually be much more shallow than it appears. 

Natural Shades

Colours such as browns and greys give a pool a much more rustic and natural look. This can work especially well if you live in the countryside surrounded by nature. If your house also has a rustic sensibility, natural coloured pool interiors can match quite well. If you’re trying to get away from the stereotypical turquoise liner, a natural colour might be what you’re looking for.

Lighter Shades

Lighter shades such as white or a light blue can evoke a warm tropical feeling. These are the colours typically used by vacation resorts and are often desired by new pool owners. As opposed to deep blues and other darker colours which may give the pool a colder look, lighter colours can be used to reflect the sun and make the pool appear brighter and warmer.

Mix and Match

With many modern pools utilizing embellishments such as tanning ledges or gradually sloping beach entrances, mixing and matching the colours and materials used in the pool may make a lot of sense. By using a different pattern, colour or material for a tanning ledge or sloped entrance, the transition area becomes highlighted. This could be considered both a safety and an aesthetic enhancement.

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