Where Do I Buy Hot Tub Filters?

Where Do I Buy Hot Tub Filters?

For an enjoyable hot tub experience, you want to make sure your water is clear, fresh, and clean.  Your two main tools to ensure that this happens are hot tub chemicals and your water filtration system.  Working in conjunction, these two tools will help ensure your water is safe to use and free of unwanted debris and pathogens.  In this post, we’ll be answering your questions about hot tub filters.  These include queries such as, “Where do I buy hot tub filters?”  “How do hot tub filters work?” and “How do you care for hot tub filters?”  To learn the answers to these questions and more, read on.

Where Do I Buy Hot Tub Filters?

Your best bet when it comes to buying replacement hot tub filters is taking a trip down to your local hot tub dealership.  Not only will they ensure you end up buying the correct type of filters for your hot tub make and model, but they can also give you advice and answer any questions about the installation and maintenance issues pertaining specifically to your hot tub.  Your other option would be to buy them online.  And while this is totally legitimate, you’ll be left to your own devices, so it’s important to know exactly what you’re looking for.  Any discount you receive through an online purchase will need to be weighed against the lack of service and personalized information available.

How Do Hot Tub Filters Work?

Hot tub water filtration is a pretty simple process.  Water from the hot tub is pumped through the intake valves and passes through the water pump and into the filtration unit.  The filters trap and hold onto large particulates as the water passes through the system.  The filtered water then passes through the heating system before being pumped back into the hot tub.  By removing particulate matter, the filtration system reduces the workload of the water while increasing the power of the jets.  A properly functioning filtration system will allow you to use fewer chemicals to keep your water clean and clear.

What Are Hot Tub Filters Made Of?

There are a couple of different types of hot tub filters commonly available on the market.  Cartridge filters are typically composed of a plastic cylinder that contains a filter made of a strong paper-like material or a fabric such as polyester.   More recently, cartridge filters that use ceramic as the filtering medium have appeared on the market.  Cartridge filters are made to be easily removed and installed for cleaning and replacement purposes.  Another type of filtration system that is not meant to be removable uses sand or diatomaceous earth to capture particulate matter.

How Do You Care for Hot Tub Filters?

No matter the type of filtration system your hot tub is using you’ll need to clean it regularly and replace the filtering materials after a prescribed number of years.  Regular cleaning of cartridge filters should take place every month.  This means removing and hosing them down with a garden hose.  They also need a deeper cleaning about once a year or whenever you empty the hot tub.  This is done by soaking the cartridges in a cleaning solution.  For sand and diatomaceous earth systems, backwashing is necessary when the pressure gauge reaches a specified level.  As the name suggests, this requires reversing the water flow to allow the accumulation of dirt to be flushed out.  Paper or fabric cartridge filters should be replaced every two or three years, while ceramics can last five or more years.  Sand and diatomaceous earth filters can last much longer than that depending on the amount of use they get.

To learn more about hot tub filtration systems, download a free buyer’s guide today.

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