Who Makes the Best Hot Tub?

Who Makes the Best Hot Tub?

Being a first time hot tub buyer can be a tough situation to be in.  There’s a lot of industry specific jargon and there’s no shortage of hot tub brands, models and types to choose from.  The price of a new hot tub can range from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars.  So, what’s a potential hot tub buyer supposed to do?  Who can you trust?  Who makes the best hot tubs?  To help new hot tub buyers wade through the deluge of choice, we’ve put together a list of things to be considered when searching for the best hot tub manufacturer.

Corporate Stability

There’s a reason why certain companies, brand names and corporations last much longer than others.  And that reason is that they excel in their chosen industry and are rewarded with a loyal and devoted customer base.  Fly by night companies only last for a short period of time because they typically offer an inferior product that doesn’t result in repeat business.  In the hot tub industry, there are a handful of companies who have been manufacturing hot tubs ever since they first became popular in the 1970s.  These companies are still around some 50 years later because they produce a reliable product and have established a positive reputation.  You can buy a cheap, no name hot tub off the internet or you can invest in a brand name with a proven reliability.  If you consider the amount of money you’re laying down, which type of company would you rather trust?

Customer Service and Warranties

As a logical extension of a company that sells trusted and reliable products, you would expect them to have no problem providing extensive follow up service and a worthwhile warranty.  A company that doesn’t believe in their product is unlikely to stick around and take the heat when the customer finds out they’ve been sold an inferior product.  For this reason, checking into the customer service reputation and the warranties provided by a company can give you insight into how reliable their products are.  A company that invests in customer service understands that it’s in their best interest to make things right.  The more extensive customer service and warranties they offer, the more you can be assured that they are invested in providing a top notch product in the first place. 

Energy Efficiency and Environmental Standards

Even though a sustainable environment is becoming a bigger issue for everyone, not every company puts a lot of thought into how their products affect the future of the planet.  But those that do are showing that they care about more than simply taking your money and running.  A reputable company understands that their future is dependent on the future of their customers.  If a company’s hot tub drives their customers’ energy bills into the stratosphere, they don’t stand much of a chance getting a repeat sale or a positive reputation.  If a company’s manufacturing process destroys the surrounding waterways and pollutes the air, they’re not going to be considered a responsible corporate citizen.  A company that cares about its customers and their environment is looking for a long term future.  It’s a company that can begin to be trusted.  Find out what your potential hot tub dealer thinks about your energy bills and their environmental footprint.  It may tell you more than what appears on the surface.

The Hydropool Edge

Hydropool is one of the original hot tub manufacturers.  It has been making hot tubs for over 40 years.  In that time it’s expanded its retail presence to over 40 different countries.  It didn’t do this by selling shoddy product or ignoring their customers’ needs.  It became a worldwide leader in the hot tub industry because it cares about quality of life.  This means being a responsible corporate citizen that puts its reputation for quality product, customer service, innovation and environmental sustainability at the forefront.

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