Why are Hot Tubs so Expensive?

Many people might believe that installing a hot tub in your home or on your property is a major investment. However, like many things there’s a wide range of prices available in the hot tub market. You can easily spend over twenty thousand dollars on a hot tub if you want. Why are hot tubs so expensive? Well, the fact is that you don’t necessarily need to spend that much to have a perfectly functional hot tub. And while you can get a cheap, no name brand off the internet for under a thousand dollars, that may not represent the best value for your money either. To help you understand what makes hot tubs expensive (or not) we’ve put together a list of variables that affect the price of a hot tub.

Inground Vs Portable Vs Inflatable

Inground hot tubs are, by far, the most expensive types of hot tubs you can invest in. Not only are they much more permanent, their installation usually requires the services of specialized equipment and professionals . Excavation, the pouring of cement, landscaping and design work are all things that are usually associated with inground hot tubs but are rarely necessary for portables or inflatables. But inground hot tubs afford a level of customization and permanence that the other types of hot tubs don’t feature.

Portable might be somewhat of a misnomer when it comes to hot tubs. And while it’s definitely possible to move a portable hot tub, it isn’t the easiest job in the world. Their composition of an acrylic shell encased in a solid frame makes them quite bulky and cumbersome. However, they’re much more easily moved than inground models and far cheaper as well. And while they may not be quite as permanent as inground hot tubs, they’re much more durable than inflatable models.

You can literally get an inflatable hot tub off the internet for less than a thousand dollars. But, how long it will last, the amount of energy it will consume and the actual comfort they will provide are all questionable. But if price is the most important factor for you, an inflatable model might be your best option.


It only stands to reason that the bigger your hot tub, the more it will cost. Larger hot tubs hold more people, have more seating, feature more water jets and require stronger water pumps and heaters. And these will all be reflected in the price you pay. Very often people end up buying a bigger hot tub than they actually need. If price is a concern, you may be able to buy a smaller hot tub without noticing a functional difference.

Water Systems

The cheapest hot tub water systems are based on chlorine. But for those who are sensitive to chlorine or don’t like relying too heavily on such a harsh substance can invest in saltwater or ozone systems. These alternative water systems will most definitely inflate the initial cost of the hot tub, but in some cases may actually reduce the long term running costs. There are many pros and cons to each type of system, so if you’re curious, it’s best to do some research before committing.

Brand Names

The hot tub industry is rife with no name brands and here-today-gone-tomorrow companies. And while these types of hot tubs are most often cheaper than the better known brand names, you invariably get what you pay for. The biggest brand names in the hot tub industry have achieved that status by being around so long. And the only way they’ve done that is to ensure that the quality of their products enhances their reputations. While you’ll often pay more for a hot tub produced by a company that’s been around for several decades, you can be much more assured that you’ll have a durable product backed up by a reliable customer service program.

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