Winterizing your outdoor patio

The time of year has arrived again for winterizing your outdoor living space. Start preparing for winter before the snow, ice and cold set in. Being ready and organized can help make an easier transition to (next year’s) Spring. Knowing that the cold weather is headed our way in the next few weeks makes for heavy sigh… but you can still enjoy the backyard in the warm, cozy surroundings of an outdoor fire or patio heater!

Here is a checklist (adapted from Houzz) on fall chores that can get your outdoor space prepped and ready for winter.

1. Clean and store patio furniture.
2. Clean patio cushions.
3. Clean off the grill of your bbq.
4. Store garden tools and accessories.
5. Trim back bushes and clean up the garden.
6. Rake leaves and tidy up yard.
7. Clean off hammocks and swings and store.
8. Clean and store umbrellas.
9. Power wash your patio.
10. Continue to enjoy your patio even in cooler temperatures by using the bbq, getting a patio heater or sitting around an outdoor fire!

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