Turn Your Backyard into a Full Fledged Gourmet Kitchen

Napoleon Grills

With few experiences matching the rare pleasure of outdoor summer barbeques in Canada, you have all the more reason to spruce up your backyard into a veritable gourmet restaurant!

Just imagine firing up the grill and serving cold cocktails with your favourite folks on a lazy Sunday morning. You can make it all happen with a few adjustments to your backyard.

Take al fresco dining to another level by installing outdoor kitchen appliances in your backyard. You will no longer have to worry about running around your home trying to balance bottles of ketchup, mustard and other barbeque essentials.

You can simply store all your food items and condiments in a outdoor fridge. Just gather with your closest friends and enjoy a cold one while you wait for your steak to grill. Or, you can show off your bartender skills by mixing up exotic cocktails fresh off the ice in your personal outdoor bar!

You can make this possible with a great range of outdoor appliances available at Bonavista. Choose from a wide range of outdoor kitchen appliances like infrared grills by Napoleon Grills and Lynx Grills to cook steaks and grill fish to perfection! You can also install warming ovens to instantly heat food and make delicious pizza.

How about an outdoor fridge from Perlick that stores all your favourite brands of beer and cocktails?  The options are limitless! After you are done with your barbeque, you won’t have to worry about cleaning up as Bonavista offers a great range of trash disposals and draft dispensers.

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