We pride ourselves on leading the local pool market in energy saving initiatives, and eco-friendly pool options.

Hydraulically efficient plumbing designs: The single biggest area for energy conservation lies underground, in the routes that we provide for your water to flow. By insisting on up-sizing plumbing lines, while down-sizing pump horsepower, not only do we extend the life of your filter pump, but we also significantly reduce your pool’s energy consumption requirements.

Variable speed pumps: By utilizing “smart” pumps that cycle down during non-peak usage times, our use of variable speed filter pumps can cut energy use by 30% to 90%! Read more on how Variable Speed Pumps Save Energy.

Solar heating systems: We’ll help you harness the sun’s energy to boost your pool’s temperature by recommending a variety of solar heating solutions.

LED pool lights: LED uses the least amount of energy and lasts up to 5 times longer than traditional underwater pool lights, minimizing replacement costs and disposal.

Pool heating solutions: We regularly install high efficiency pool heaters and boiler/heat exchanger systems that reduce the high heat loss quotients inherent with typical pool heaters. Pool covers can also greatly reduce the amount of heat lost from the water surface of your pool. We offer unique cover storage systems that take the effort and the eyesore out of pool cover ownership.


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