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For people wanting to take advantage of hydrotherapy and all the benefits that hot tubs have to offer but don’t want to deal with additional electrical hassles, a Plug n’ Play hot tub is the perfect solution!

What is a Plug n’ Play Hot Tub?

Traditional hot tubs typically require a 240V electrical hookup, for which an electrician needs to be hired to install new wiring for the connection. Plug n’ Play hot tubs, on the other hand, run on standard 110V, meaning that you can just simply plug it into most standard household power outlets.

Plug n’ Play Hot Tub Models

Plug n’ Play Hot Tub Benefits

There are a number of benefits to owning a Plug n’ Play Hot Tub. One major advantage is how simple it is to just plug in, fill with water, heat to your ideal temperature, and enjoy a relaxing soak. Plug n’ Play hot tubs can also be easily moved and transported to a different location, which is appealing for people that want to bring their spa to a cottage or second home for a season and not have to run new wiring to do so. They are also a great way to add value to vacation home rentals or for individuals that are planning on moving in the foreseeable future.

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Here’s What Our Customers Have to Say

  • Jen and her team were amazing to work with. The in store shopping experience really helped to narrow down options, compare with other brands and choose my tub. Energy efficiency was one of the most important features and Jen helped to show HydroPool advantage with being efficient. Delivery and installation was earlier than planned, ready for family Christmas!

    Vicky Dominguez

  • Jennifer Gannon and Rob Irvine provide amazing service and are extremely knowledgeable on the products they sell. They are easily accessible by phone or in the store for any questions on our swim spa. They are always professional and do their best to provide service that far exceeds my expectations. I would not hesitate to recommend Bonavista products and always enjoy dealing with Jennifer and Rob who excel in customer service.

    Nicole Steen

  • Bonavista has been historically great at servicing our old hot tub, but when we moved we wanted to buy a new style hot tub and have it built into a modified deck. Rob Irvine, the Sales Manager that helped us out, did an exceptional job at all stages -- the purchase of the right tub, fair pricing, etc. but he really took charge of much more. He coordinated delivery to coincide with our backyard renovation and directly communicated with our contractors.