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Hydropool’s Exclusive Self-Cleaning hot tub technology is the world’s easiest to maintain. The technologically advanced Self-Cleaning system simultaneously removes surface debris and cleans the bottom of the hot tub with its built-in floor vacuum. The Self-Cleaning system filters 100% of the water every 15 minutes. This takes the worry and work away with a hands-free system to safeguard you and your family. Indoors or out, a Hydropool Self-Cleaning hot tub will create more time for what matters. Whether in a corner of your home, or installed in your deck or backyard, a Hydropool Self-Cleaning hot tub will rekindle romance and relationships with family and friends.

  • Self Cleaning Hot Tubs

    HydroClean Filtration Jets


    The design of our seating and the strategically placed jets create a continuous flow of water, pushing all floating debris towards the high flow skimmer and boosting the efficiency of our Self-Cleaning system.

  • Hydropool Hydroclean FloorVacuumm

    High Flow Skimmer and Pre-filter


    Removes floating debris and oils, preventing clogging of the pump and heater, and increases filtration by moving debris into the pre-filter, extending micro-filter cleaning cycles.

  • High Flow High Flow Skimmer and Pre Filter

    HydroClean Floor Vacuum


    Watercare products are more effectively circulated, and no need to vacuum the hot tub as heavy contamination such as dirt and grit is removed.

  • Dual Core Micro Filter

    Pressurized Micro-filtration


    New dual core filter with Microban increases filtration, resulting in extended cleaning cycles. Our micro-filtration systems are odorless and easy to access, while out of sight and contact from bathers.

  • Custom Watercare

    Customize Your Watercare System


    Our hot tubs and swim spas feature salt water technology, as well as our EZ Aquazure Mineral Watercare and EZWatercare systems.

  • Hydropool Self Cleaning System

    Self-Cleaning Indicator 2


    Hydropool Self-Cleaning hot tubs and swim spas feature a worry-free indicator to ensure that both the Self-Cleaning and Eco-heat Exchange systems are active, reassuring you and your family of our Safe Water Guarantee.

The Importance of Safe, Clean Hot tub Water

When you use your hot tub and open the cover, safe, clean water is of upmost importance. In order to obtain this you need Filtration and Disinfection. These two factors are intimately linked as the better you filter, the less disinfection you require. How does the self-clean technology work to maintain safe, clean water for you?

  1. HydroClean Vacuum
    Hydropool’s unique floor vacuum removes heavy debris, circulates water care products effectively and eliminates the need for you to vacuum the hot tub.
  2. High Flow Skimmer & Pre-Filter
    The high flow skimmer increases filtration by removing floating debris, oils and dust and prevents larger debris from clogging up the pump and heater.
  3. HydroClean Filtration Jets
    The design of the seating and jets create a continuous flow of water pushing all floating debris toward the high flow skimmer.
  4. Pressurized Mircro-filtration
    This independent filter is completely separated from the bathing area and operates through pressurized technology. The filtration is active at a much finer level. The water is cleaned 100% every 15 minutes through a new dual core filter that results in better cleaning cycles.
  5. Automatic chemical feeder
    Delivering the necessary amount of disinfection product to your hot tub to contribute to the sanitation of your soak.
  6. Self-Clean Indicator Light
    The hot tub is always on the job! The worry-free indicatory on the control panel indicates the self-clean and eco-heat exchange systems are both active.


The Hydropool Self-Cleaning Hot Tub comes in 9 different models which can seat anywhere from 3 persons to 10 persons. All models are well-equipped with 22 standard features. Hydropool is engineered to be the most energy-efficient hot tub built in the world.

BonaVista wants to make it easy for you to find the hot tub of your dreams. At our retail store in Toronto, Rob Irvine (link to his bio) will help you get the most for your money. He is ready to make the process of buying a hot tub simpler for you.

It is a great time to shop for a Hydropool hot tub at BonaVista in Toronto!

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Here’s What Our Customers Have to Say

  • Jen and her team were amazing to work with. The in store shopping experience really helped to narrow down options, compare with other brands and choose my tub. Energy efficiency was one of the most important features and Jen helped to show HydroPool advantage with being efficient. Delivery and installation was earlier than planned, ready for family Christmas!

    Vicky Dominguez

  • Jennifer Gannon and Rob Irvine provide amazing service and are extremely knowledgeable on the products they sell. They are easily accessible by phone or in the store for any questions on our swim spa. They are always professional and do their best to provide service that far exceeds my expectations. I would not hesitate to recommend Bonavista products and always enjoy dealing with Jennifer and Rob who excel in customer service.

    Nicole Steen

  • Bonavista has been historically great at servicing our old hot tub, but when we moved we wanted to buy a new style hot tub and have it built into a modified deck. Rob Irvine, the Sales Manager that helped us out, did an exceptional job at all stages -- the purchase of the right tub, fair pricing, etc. but he really took charge of much more. He coordinated delivery to coincide with our backyard renovation and directly communicated with our contractors.