Pool Service & Maintenance

BonaVista has been helping our valued clients care for their pools for as long as we have been building them. Our Customer Care Department is ready to help you, no matter what your needs might be. We will happily save you time by keeping your water silky smooth and your pool spotless for you; alleviate your worries by maintaining the peak optimal performance of your mechanical system; helpfully walk you through some troubleshooting over the phone; and even renovate and refresh the finishes of your well worn but still loved pool!

Your pool is meant to be a source of simple relaxation and stress relief. Allow us to help maximize your investment in this important aspect of your outdoor living room.Our helpful service staff would be happy to provide you with some simple water balancing tips over the phone, or to conduct complete water testing on a sample you bring into our Retail Store or Office location.

If you are a new customer, or have pool service and maintenance questions, please call Sarah or Donna at 905.475.6980.

For urgent pool service instructions, please click here.

For returning customers, please see our pool service forms page.

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