Pool Safety

When it comes to pool safety, there is no substitute for direct parental supervision, ensuring guests are familiar with your pool’s unique characteristics, and swimming lessons for children. We have found that many of our clients would also like to explore any options that might supplement these responsibilities. To help foster your peace of mind we are proud to offer many pool safety products, including:

Pool Safety Fence

A non-permanent, easy to install pool fencing system. Although it is not considered a “pool legal enclosure fence” by municipal by-laws, these fences effectively keep crawling babies and curious toddlers out of harms way.


Pool Safety Covers

Available in manual or hydraulic drive operating options, these sleek covers run inside hidden tracks, locking the cover in, creating an impenetrable barrier to the water below during the spring, summer, and fall seasons. During the winter season, consider the ultimate in pool cover safety which is provided by the totally custom, mechanically fastened “trampoline style” winter cover. Enjoy the peace of mind and the aesthetic enhancement that these covers offer over their tarp-and-waterbag predecessors!


Pool Safety Turtle

A reactive alarm system, the Safety Turtle utilizes water sensitive arm bands and a base station speaker box to alert parents if a child should fall into a swimming pool.