Spring Opening Reservation Form

If you wish to fill out the form and mail or fax it to BonaVista please download a PDF Here.

Spring Opening 2023

*IMPORTANT: Please provide the best email address to reach you so that we can ensure your work orders are received as quickly as possible.

1. Please book my spring opening the week of...
(indicate 1st and 2nd choices, weather-permitting):

Booking week

If you have items to prepare for the opening (water on, parts out, access arrangements) please ensure that all preparations are made the weekend prior to your chosen week. Our schedule changes daily and we may come any day during that week.

2. Please mark the service(s) you would like:


*Additional charges $80.00 for sheer descents. $200.00 each: spa/trough/water feature/cabana opening, furniture removal from cabana, setting up lawn furniture, cleaning winter debris from deck, full deck cleanings and return visits due to access issues.

3. Payment (balance to be invoiced after services performed)

Payment info