3 month Swim Spa Bundle REPLACEMENT


3 month Mineraluxe and Swim Spa bundle replacement.


While Bromine and Shock remain difficult to acquire, you may use Bromine Super Tabs and Ultra Shock in place of the mini Bromine Tabs and Mineraluxe Oxygen Shock or Amaze Plus.

One Bromine Super Tab does the work of 4-5 mini Bromine Tabs and the supply will last you much longer.
Ultra Shock is a powerful oxidizer- just one cap is needed for 10,000L. Once it is administered, wait 2-3 hours before swimming. A great treatment after a long day of swimming!

Swim Spa THREE month Bromine & Mineraluxe value bundle:

Mineraluxe Swim Spa 13 cubes $115
Ultra Shock 950g $28
Dazzle Bromine Super Tabs 7kg $225
New 75 sq. ft. Filter $70
Dazzle Rapid Action Filter Cleaner $20

*FREE Delivery & FREE Inflatable ($20 value)*

TOTAL $458

For crystal clear water, add one Bromine Super tablet, shock with one cap of Ultra Shock & add one cube of Mineraluxe weekly.
Three-six month supply.
For extra sparkle in the water, replace your filter twice a year and deep cleanse the other one with Rapid Action Filter Cleaner. Enjoy this FREE inflatable for loads of fun!


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