6 month Hot Tub Bromine Bundle


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HOT TUB Bromine SIX month Value Bundle with Mineraluxe cubes:

Mineraluxe 13 Cubes $104 x 2
Dazzle Hot Tub Amaze Plus $26 x 2
Dazzle Hot Tub Bromine tabs 2kg $78
Dazzle Hot Tub TA+ $8.50
Dazzle Hot Tub pH- $7.50
New 75 sq. ft filter $68
*FREE Aromatherapy Scent (value $17)
TOTAL $422 (and FREE delivery)

For crystal clear water, add bromine tablets, shock with one cap of Amaze Plus & add one cube of Mineraluxe weekly.
Six month supply.
For extra sparkle in the water, replace your filter twice a year and balance your TA & pH.
Enjoy this FREE fragrance as a special treat!


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