ProAqua Water Resistance Fitness Kit


Everything you need for a low-impact total body workout routine.
Fitness kit includes:
1 x Core Belt
2 x Resistance dumbbells
2 x Resistance ankle cuffs
(1.5lb / 680g each)(1.5lb / 680g each)

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A fantastic water resistance kit that is excellent for use in a pool or swim spa. Everything you need for a low impact full body work out routine in your pool or spa.

– Made from high density material for perfect neutral buoyancy and vertical balance.
– Resistance belt features ergonomic design which supports lower back, adjustable belt for a custom fit.
– Dumbbells give added balance during a workout, increasing flexibility and strengthening muscles.
– Ankle cuffs create resistance in the water during the workout.
– Ideal for in water cardio and strength training.

Additional information

Weight1 kg
Dimensions36 × 21 × 26 cm


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